Najlantak DS Tablet


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60 Tab
Made with Naturals ingredients:
Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Aamalki, Shuntha, Pippali, Maricha, Vanshlochan, Lavang, Ela, Dalchini, Vasaka, Ashwagandha, Banfsha, Taj Patta, Moti Pishti, Neelam Pishti, Abhrak Bhasma Shatputi & Sacckarum Purificitum.


Chronic Cough, Snuffle, Common cold, Sneezing, Habitual Cold, Phlegm, Allergy, Asthmatic Bronchitis, Allergic Bronchitis, Sinusitis & Low Immunity etc.


An Ultimate remedy for Chronic Cough, Common Cold and Breathing disorders. It is a supplement for Healthy Kapha outbreak which provides Immunity to fight against changing Environment and Pollution. NAJLANTAK RASAYAN being a combination of Several Herbs, Bhasmas and Natural ingredients in a unique formulation made according to Quality Standards, it provides relief from Chronic Cough, Cold, Cold, Sneezing, Runny Nose, Mucus, Allergies and Phlegm diseases. does. It widens the respiratory tract, clearing the Phlegm from the Lungs, making it easier for the affected person to Breathe. It prevents the occurrence of Hypersensitivity reaction and builds Strong Immunity against Allergens, thus effecting almost complete cure for Bronchitis, Eosinophilia Attacks, Sinusitis and Rhinitis. Which is a sign of an Allergic reaction. Due to the Herbal formulation, it is completely Safe and without any Side Effects. Provides resistance against Recurrent Respiratory Infections. Improves Respiratory Strength Power and Rejuvenates the Lungs.
One Teaspoonful Twice a day with warm Milk or as directed by the Physician.


Side Effects:
No Side Effects, No Steroids, No Chemicals, 100% Herbal & Ayurvedic.


One should stay away from things like Pickles, Salt, Jaggery, Oily things, Spicy Food, Meat, Ghee, More Butter, Curd, Banana, Orange & Junk food.


Nutritious and Light Diet, Dry Fruits, Ginger, Garlic, Oats & Green Vegetables.


Contains Sugar Candy. Not suitable for Diabetic Patients Contains, Spicy ingredients – Should not be used in Empty Stomach.


Store at room temperature, away from direct Sunlight & Moisture.  Keep out of reach of children.


To be Taken Under Medical Supervision.


Manufactured Condition:
A Strict Quality-Controlled Environment by WHO GMP Certified.


Developed by:
A team of Qualified & Experienced Ayurveda Acharyas.


Terms & Conditions*: 
*All this information is only for Registered Medical practitioners.

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Weight 100 kg

60 Tab


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